Today I’m Thankful

As you all know,  I spend the fall being outwardly verbal about all the things I’m thankful and grateful for. Some people enjoy it, some people have shared with me it’s too much.  For the latter, I don’t care, I love you anyways and will continue to do every year!

I tried to remember this year when I began doing this.  Based on my Facebook memories, it was 9 years ago.  This timeline makes perfect sense.  2009 was a tough year.  I lost a friend to cancer, it was devastating. People had passed in my life and family, ones I had loved dearly.  But never a person, where I watched the decline up close and then actually there for the final moments.  I was completely lost, no family living here and my closest friends 3 hours away.  So I buried myself in work shutting out the world except for a handful of folks.   When 2010 started, I was determined to move forward but my workaholic ways continued.  That was until the fall.  It was then when I came VERY close to not making it to the end of 2010, much less 2019.   And THAT is when I TRULY began taking stock of what I had and determined to carve a path which did NOT include me leaving this world before I was done doing all the things!

A lot has changed since I began this yearly tradition of showing my gratitude daily in the fall.  I took an opportunity offered to me by the only employer I’d known since moving to SC and left a long time career.  That decision, although scarier than the blood clot that almost took me out in 2010, became the singular best decision I ever made next to moving to SC!  It started me on a path, that I only imagined about prior and ultimately to where I am now.

Nine years later, I have boundaries now.  I have a job where I get to go to work every day, knowing with my team, we help to make a difference in this world.  I learned how to have a personal life.  One that it as full as I want it to be.  I learned how to say yes and more importantly No, when I need to.  I also learned how to just be still.  That one took awhile but oh the benefits, I have found in that time.  This new balance of work and home has allowed me to appreciate ALL the things I have from a family that I love to my girl Bella whose unconditional love makes me smile every time she looks at me.  Not to mention, THE MOST incredible circle of friends, from ALL walks of life in all parts of the world.

My Mimere used to say, “It will always turn out the way it is supposed to Sonja.  Everything you do in life, leads you to exactly where you are supposed to be.”  It took a long time but I believe that with all my heart.  A heart that is happy, full and most of all especially today…………Thankful.

May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving filled with love, happiness lots of food and laughs.

Until next time, peace love and black coffee


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