If at first you don’t succeed, try “Tri” again!

As many of you know in late 2014, I started my fitness journey.  When I began running, my friend Catherine, who had fit me for shoes and ran with our NOBO group would say, someday you may even do a Triathalon.  I laughed.  In 2015, when Catherine and I worked together, she again tried to plant this seed of triathalon.  It was so overwhelming, I was barely at that time able to run a 5k…much less combine 3 sports together!

By 2016, she had said it enough where the seed had taken root, I had progressed in running and definitely bored of just running, so I signed up for a Tri program.  Due to injuries that plagued me last year and some personal issues I had to drop out and was I mad.  I had finally gotten up the courage to do this and it just wasn’t going to happen.  Every time I even thought of doing just a small one during the summer, my inner mean girl took over and doubting my abilities allowed me to find excuses to just not do it.  This made me sad, part of me really wanted to do this but I was letting her intimidate me and 2016 became the year my training just fell apart and flat in many areas.

As always though, the universe kicks me in the butt and delivers things on a silver platter.  Luckily, I’ve learned to listen to it when it does!  Early 2017, I was texting another former co-worker and friend, Kayla something random and in the conversation told her I was looking at the Triathalon stuff on her job’s website.

**Pause** Kayla now works for Blue Sky Endurance.  Owned  by whom you ask?  CATHERINE!  She and her staff are amazing and they are a locally owned Triathalon store…see where this is going?!

Back to the texts:  Kayla casually mentions, “Hey Catherine and I were talking about you, we are going to start a beginner triathalon program and it would be perfect for you.”  As I read the words, I knew I was signing up.   I love these two women.  They believe in me and push me so that the mean girl gets silenced.  As a result, here I am, 9.5-ish weeks into this training program and 10 days away from my first triathalon!   I’m so excited I could literally burst.

Here is what I’ve learned:

  1. My body can carry me through amazing things, you just have to GO.   When I get tired, I just keep saying, “She believed she could, so she did” followed by “one foot in front of the other to the end” – It’s truly that simple.
  2. You have to try and you have to push the limits we set for ourselves.  I am not yet a proficient swimmer, cyclist or runner and I’m slow…..BUT I’m out there and I’m giving it all I got and I WILL NOT let the mean girl convince me I can’t because she is wrong…. I CAN!
  3. When you open yourself up to new things, your world expands!  And WOW has mine!  New friends and groups and all sorts of great things have been happening – Amazing!
  4. I have HANDS DOWN the best coaches and support system a girl could ask for, not just Catherine and Kayla but also Siobhan, Brady, Sadie and Cynthia…..They have made this the most wonderful experience and I am so grateful to have had them through this process during this training program

Lastly, I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to try again and when it’s the right time everything will line up the way it is supposed to so that you can succeed.  2017 is the year I become a “Triathlete” …words that last year seemed like an impossibility to me.  My inner mean girl has been smacked down and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me next!

Until next time, peace love and black coffee!  🙂


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