Well – Would they?

I’ve been thinking all week about this blog and how I was going to approach it.  Let’s face it, it’s been a long one for all of us and no matter what words follow below, whether you agree with me or not, I truly have been trying to keep this in mind all week.  Even made the picture above my cell phone screen pic and laptop wallpaper pic so I could take deep breaths at time and keep these words in mind.   So here we go……..

I have a few thoughts on all that is going on and although I owe NO ONE who reads further this information, I am a big fan of knowing where I stand and where you stand with me and honestly, no one who really knows me should be that shocked.  Please unfriend me if you must, if you are.

I did not vote for Donald Trump.  I have honestly absolutely despised that man since the first time I walked into one of his casino’s in Atlantic City, NJ in the late 80’s.  IN MY OPINION and remember if you take MY OPINION to the nearest Starbucks, it will still cost you $3 or so for a coffee. In my opinion, he is all the words I DO NOT want to reflect on my skin.  I find him completely offensive.  Him running for President was not what formed that opinion. It solidified a lot of things for me but didn’t sway me.  And easy now before you go all – Oh she voted for Hillary blah blah blah…..I wasn’t a big fan of her either, so you can assume what you want at this point but what I ultimately chose is between me and that booth.  Just like YOUR VOTE WAS YOUR opinion and will still cost ME $3 or so at Starbucks for a coffee.  That’s it.  Do I like it?  No, but really?  I’ve voted in 8 elections since I was 18 and 3 times “my” candidate got in, that’s less than 40% and the world kept turning.  Do I have concerns? Absolutely, mostly about the future of the Supreme Court but that is a discussion for another blog.

It is what ensued afterwards that makes me physically sick to my stomach.  Less than 24 hours there were numerous stories on both sides, beating people for voting for Trump, beating people for being gay, OPEN HATRED, BIGOTRY AND PURE IGNORANCE spray painted on walls.  CHILDREN….let me say it again CHILDREN being sent home from school!!!!!!  Being taunted and threatened!! It ALL makes me want to vomit.  I have had to limit my time on Facebook as a result because it is so very sad to me.

My mother is a nurse.  She used to give us 24 hours of sympathy for whatever ailment we had or post surgical procedure and then it was time to pull up ourselves up by the bootstraps and have a big helping of move on.  And as much as my siblings and I laugh about it now, it’s true.

There is a huge difference between being educated about what is happening in the world or being part of the problem.  Being part of the problem on both sides is what I have been seeing.  The worst of them, were the people who sat passively by and watched it happen this week.  At least if you are a bigot and you are screaming, I know right where you stand when you are coming at me.

ANYONE who watches someone, another human, no matter who they are or who they voted for, get BEAT and turns their head, chants, films or participates in anyway….Letting you know now, that person makes me physically ill!! That person completely disgusts me!

Passiveness is the worst of human traits that can be displayed, in my opinion and history books are FILLED with examples of that outcome!  I have about 50 or so books in my house you can read which will outline what passiveness and turning away gets you.  Let me know, glad to ship them to you.

So here we are.  Donald Trump is our President elect.  Whether you voted for him or not, it’s time to help him restore America to some level of civility.

You don’t like what you see in the world?  Well to quote the great Mahatma Gandhi – BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

The way to beat hatred, bigotry and ignorance is with LOVE AND COMPASSION.  Go spend a Saturday or time off educating our youth with any number of organizations, spend time in a VA hospital ward and visit with soldiers who came home injured, making sure your butt is still free, go to a regular hospital and rock a baby who has no one in the world and an uncertain future. Because like it or not, the young, ARE OUR future.  Go to a soup kitchen and help those less fortunate than you, hear their stories and REALLY LISTEN.  Not to respond – to hear!  Go to a shelter and walk dogs……….DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE THE WORLD AROUND YOU  and lift your community up!  Then do it the Saturday after that and bring a friend, encourage those around you to also display love and compassion versus hate.  Watch THAT SPREAD like wildfire.  When you see someone being taunted or hatred in any form – FIGHT IT – stick up for that person!!  What if it was you?  Your child? Your Parent?  Because if you don’t, someday it will be.  The only way we are to bring this country “together” is if WE collectively do it.

If the words you spoke, appeared on your skin……would you still be beautiful?

Well – would you?

Until next time, peace love and black coffee.


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