Being Grateful

Any one who knows me or has followed me on Facebook for the last several years, knows that this tends to be the time of year I “blog” and when I take the time daily to be grateful and post something daily.   The last few months of the year is just when I like to take stock of the year and try to make a plan for how I can improve next year!

Although what I’ve learned most of all is that my plan generally is a skeleton outline at best and the larger forces in the universe, however you choose to believe, are what propels us through this thing called life!  We are just along for the ride.

Being grateful though is not a 4th Quarter yearly event for me.  I took a leadership class 15 years ago or so and one of the things I adopted from that seminar was writing down (3) things every day that make you grateful.  I.e.  I’m grateful for my family, my health, it’s Friday.  Whatever it may be.  This is so when things go “sideways” – as they often do, take a deep breath and read the things you are grateful for, it will re-center you.   Rain or shine, off or working, I begin every day like this.  My “work” notebook is filled daily with these lists, it is the first thing I do when I sit at my desk.  When I’m off or when I didn’t have a desk, I do it at home.   I also have a “grateful” jar.  Saw it last year, writing down something you are grateful for all year long and put it in a jar.  At the beginning of the new year, take them out and read them.  Although I’m not as consistent with that, that jar (which is my grandmother’s old candy jar and brings me joy and happiness just looking at it, grateful for those memories of her) sits right on my desk, behind this laptop I’m typing away on now and is full of little pieces of paper with written words of everything I have in my life that make me grateful this year.

I have blogged at length previously about my struggles with weight and leaving Verizon, starting over and how scary all that is.  I have never done this for any other reason than I was grateful.   When you open yourself up to people in such a raw and honest way, what you receive back is tenfold!  The universe has a way of bringing it back to you in truckloads, it’s incredible really.  Either people you “know” who just continue to provide encouraging words, messages of “damn girl, I never knew you were going through that and know that I love you” and even “you inspire me.”

When someone tells you, you “inspire” them, it is enormous.  It slays me still every time.  In both the weight of wow, I didn’t realize anyone was really paying attention to little ole me. To an overwhelming feeling of being loved and it is for me, always the push I need to keep going.

Which is according to my word counter in the corner of this 548 words that bring me to this latest blog.

Last night, I went on a rant on Facebook, I had to purge some very non-grateful feelings.

My former employer, VZW is impacting a LOT of people AGAIN and people who I know damn well and good truly need NOTHING from me from me right now, have been reaching out in DROVES.   I snuggled up in my feelings, some that I’d been harboring for two years actually.

When I left Verizon there were people I just thought would reach out and say best of luck Sonja, thanks for everything.  My job there was a “one off” of sorts, I had no DOUBT when I heard there would be cut backs, I could be impacted, I’m not stupid, it’s a business decision and I’d been in the seat telling someone they were impacted.  I was not shocked by that, I was shocked at how some very specific people all of a sudden treated me.  My feelings were hurt and last night, two years later combined with some ridiculous LinkedIn requests – I let it go.   I posted, read a few comments from those still up and awake with me and I went to bed.  Slept like the proverbial “baby.”   This is how I am, I have to purge it at some point and then I’m done.  (Insert mic drop here, or so I’m told by some other FB comments.)

Which I promise now 760+ words in brings me to the reason for this blog today…..It’s when I work up this morning.  I walked the dogs, started the coffee, wrote my list and sat down to look at Facebook and get my early morning dose of what are my peeps doing.  Because yes, whether I talk to you every day or not, I use FB as a way to “keep in touch with you” – Sometimes I comment, often I don’t because I get busy and then just can’t find your damn post again in my feed….But I do follow you all and each of you bring me joy to watch your lives ebb and flow.

And there it was…..59+ likes/loves/laughs and 50+ comments and they keep coming.  I had to re-write my grateful list today because it is THAT human connection, I’m most grateful for.   People I don’t talk to often to people I talk to frequently.  Some of you tried to make me laugh, there were kind words, empathetic words and words of – Preach girl because THEY understood the particular group of people that made me dig into my feelings last night.   GAH!!!  It literally brought me to tears of happiness and I am humbled.

I’m no expert at how to do life.  It was VERY hard leaving Verizon.  But what if I hadn’t?  I would have never gone to Fleet Feet and my god, what would my life be like without THAT EXPERIENCE????  I got to work for and with some of the most incredible people I know.  I got to reset my life.  My circle grew, not diminished!  From co-workers to peers and other FF people ACROSS the U.S. and vendors and customers who now I consider friends and follow/talk to.  New is scary but it’s like the Grinch at the end of my fav Christmas cartoon – It makes your heart grow and expand not shut down!!  And FF brought me to this next experience in my life where I am planting the seeds with people who are again joining my world and making it better.  It is scary and you have to put yourself out there but it’s magical when you do and try.

I’m out of my feelings this morning and on to better ones.  I’m kicking off my daily posting of all the things I’m grateful for with this blog today – so here are my (3) for today:

  • I’m grateful for YOU.  I’m grateful EVERY single time you reach out.  Whether it is a “like” a “comment”, a text, email, phone call – hell I’m grateful for you if you just read and keep scrolling.  I don’t need the above affirmation to make me like you and enjoy the piece of special-ness you bring to my life.
  • I’m even grateful for the people who have been irritating me and I complained about last night.  Because THEY made me purge and brought all that abundance of love that I have in my life, from the universe, back to me tenfold again today.
  • For this and so much more, I’m simply………grateful.



Until next time my friends……Peace, love and black coffee



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  1. Sonja. What a great post. You are definitely a force of nature. You are positive, joyful, and just a whole lot of fun to be around. I never get to see you, but it is definitely a privilege to be counted among your friends. Peace, Sonja.

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