Every day unfolds another step in my journey.

I love that scene from the movie Hope Floats – where Sandra Bullock says, “Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad.  It’s the middle that is the best part.  So think about that when you are at the beginning and just give hope a chance to float up.”

It also perfectly describes my life right now.  I’ve been thinking for over a week now, how do I put this great but sad news out into the world.  The more I thought of it, the more I was angst about it. Do I just rip it off like a band-aid?  Do I wait?  I told some people but not really outside of friends and co-workers.

I’ve decided this is my best medium.  So here goes…..

It is with both happiness and sadness that I’m letting anyone know reading this, that I am leaving Fleet Feet as the store manager/full time employee as of 8/31/16.

This is the sad part.  It was a really difficult decision, as these people not only truly embraced me and all my crazy when I was at my most vulnerable, they made me a part of their family.  They LITERALLY helped me to reset my life after leaving Verizon, let me de-stress from all that that brought, taught me too many things to mention and gave me a purpose where I got to give back to people!  Not to mention, the opportunity to work, train and laugh with the greatest group of people ever!

The happy part is that I’m leaving for a really good gig too!  In early September, I will be starting at Blackbaud on Daniel Island.  It was important to me at the beginning of this process that if I did find something different, it COULD NOT be in the same business environment I was in previously.  Life is SOOO much better after leaving Verizon and I didn’t want to digress.  I knew that I still wanted to be part of something bigger than me and to continue to give back.  This company embodies that principle and is a cornerstone in the non-profit world, so I am grateful for the opportunity they offered me and super excited to be joining them, as well as, my new team.

Last week fear struck though, a couple of them sent me into a panic.  First, I don’t have any clothes to wear to an office because I weigh over 60 lbs LESS than when I left Verizon! By the way, not a bad issue to have but still made me panic!   Second thought, I will become WAY more sedentary than I am now, being back in an office.  They have a gym, I will still be running but panic – CANNOT DIGRESS ON THIS FRONT!!  Then in a serendipitous moment, we had a FIA event at the store last Thursday.  These ladies from the FIA group came in for a store tour and to be fit as they are running the Palmetto 200 in March of 2017 together.

The more I talked with them, the more I learned.  Most importantly that on M/W/F they have a group workout 1.5 miles from my house at 5am!!  I was there this morning, all in!! Here is a type of workout I love, at a time I enjoy working out, with AWESOME women who support each other, close to home, will fit easily into my schedule and provide the cross training I need to go into fall running.  Fear #2 = solved.

I got home and decided to really look in my closet.  Surprisingly, I found plenty of things I can pair together as a starter work wardrobe to start and add as I go along. Fear #1 = solved.

So starting today, I’m going to be present and instead of letting fear step in, I’m going to remember a mantra from Deepak Chopra instead,”Every day unfolds the next step in my journey.”

Until next time friends – Peace, love and black coffee






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