Contemplations on a plane….

The great thing about being on a plane for me is being able to look out into the passing world and contemplate where I am in it.

Today, as I sit here in my seat on the way to Chicago, I yet again realize how much my life has changed for the better in the last year.

First, I can travel INSIDE the U.S. now without complete stress and multiple devices to answer the numerous calls/texts/emails while away that always began with, “…..sorry to bother you during your time off but can you…..” With full expectations of stop your personal life, the company needs trump yours.  Solidifying I made the right decision to walk away and just say thanks, it was a good run.

Which then makes me think of my current job. Just the thought of what I do now makes me smile.  It’s a job that has been better than I even imagined.  I work for and with people, who truly inspire me, value my work and feel like family. I can’t believe as I am approaching my year anniversary how lucky I am and how much happier I have been every single day.  Oh it’s not always shangri-la but nothing ever is and unfair to expect or maintain for that matter.  But even on a “rough day”, at least once, I know I’ve helped someone even if it was only with a laugh and a smile.  I can also honestly say, at least once everyday, someone does the same for me.  There is no greater joy.

I’m doing all this reflecting in my plane seat by the way, with the arms DOWN, table tray DOWN, seatbelt PULLED with spare length around my waist, drinking my coffee, smiling.  It’s an incredible reminder and confirmation of  how much healthier I am!  Looking around my space is energizing me thinking of my health goals for this year. I start sprint triathlon training in a few weeks with multiple sprint races and even an Olympic distance race scheduled in the fall.  And I’m thinking of how when my real athlete injury (ha ha) stress fracture heals in my foot, of the races I have planned including the half marathon I WILL FINISH! 

As I sit here, listening to the hum of the plane and murmerings in other rows, looking out the window, seeing that beautiful sky below me, I know I’m truly blessed with the best family and group of friends one could have, I have my health and a job I love. 

I’m exactly where I want to be in this world. May anyone reading this be as lucky.

Until next time…peace, love and black coffee.

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  1. Oooh all the feels sister! Thank you for sharing and for being amazing.

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