2015 – Turned upside down to go Up Up Up

As I do at the end of every year, I contemplate what happened and look forward to the new year.

If 2014 set me on the path to better health, 2015 turned my world upside down and then soared me upwards!

I started the year running my first 5k – the ENTIRE 3.1 miles!  It was AMAZING and something I’d never have dreamed even 2 months prior that I could do.  I would run 9 more 5k’s in 2015.

End of January, lest we get too far into the year, brought more change.  My company no longer wanted me.  18 years and just like that done.  Oh I could have stayed but I had been miserable for awhile.  I felt nothing but relief when they told me. My father said, nothing like no work to INSPIRE you to FIND a job.  And find a job I did.  This woman and her husband, who only knew me as the crazy lady that practically lived at their store and had become addicted to running, (thanks to them) said come on, we want you here.

I was bursting with excitement. I went to work EVERY day of February BEAMING at the fact I was leaving, annoying and puzzling people.  (The best kind of confusion!) I started on March 2nd at Fleet Feet Sports.  Great new co-workers, learning new things, impacting people’s lives. Before long, I was creating training and training others.  I was making an impact, I LOVE this place and these people.  They added me to their family and my world has tripled in size!

2015 brought many changes, I bought a new car, moved into my own apartment again, went to new places like the Outer Banks, rescued a dog, continued with Barre, yoga and boot camp, started swimming a little, bought a bike and started riding AND running. I completed 3 10k’s, I was promoted to Store Manager at the end of July!  And wait for it – am currently training for my FIRST half marathon.  A couple weeks ago, I RAN TEN MILES!!  Now that’s not much to some and a lot to MANY.  But a year ago, I was HOPING I could run 3.1 on New Years day and now I’m in DOUBLE DIGITS!

My 2015 was in a word, incredible.  It has been filled with love, laughs, new things, support, encouragement and fun.

I’m not sure how 2016 is going to top it but gosh I can’t wait! I have plans to start Sprint Triathlons, maybe another half – we’ll see.  What I do know is that I’m going to start it off right and run that same 5k again.  Start the year the way you want to spend it and I want to spend it running towards more great things.

2015 is when I decided to put myself first.  2016’s theme is going to be,  “She believed she could, so she did.”

Until next time…..Peace, love and black coffee.








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  1. So happy for you Sonja. I started walking two years ago and running this year. Just finished my 1st 5K on Thanksgiving. My goal is to do a 10k this year. I love seeing your posts, it’s an inspiration to me. Thank you and keep up the amazing work my friend!

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